Dear Prince

18 episodes * 45 min
Genre: Young, Romantic, Comedy

Jiang Hao, is a young and excellent actor, who has conquered the show business. Zhou Yiran, used to work as his assistant surprisingly becomes a popular idol. One day, Jiang virtually disappeared and lost his memory. Sun Taotao is the only one who can see him… Jiang believes it is Zhou that arranges his “death”. Although he wants Sun to help him, Sun refused because she’s a big fan of Zhou. To meet her idol in person, Sun attends the competition to act in Zhou’s MV. Jiang Hao seizes the opportunity and possesses the body of Sun Taotao, making her perform well and stand out of the competition. From then on, the relationship among these three becomes really complicated. When Zhou finally shows his love to Sun, Sun finds it hard to live without the “ghost”, Jiang, who has become her untouchable lover.