Your Secret

Fomat: 37 episodes * 45 min

Cast: Bosco Wong ( 黄宗泽 ) , Ye Qing ( 叶青 )

Genre: Crime, Romance

Release Date: Q2, 2019

Chen is a well-known medical examiner, capable of discerning the smallest details that help in investigating a crime. Chen had a twin brother Shen, claimed to be dead for many years. Chen still believes that his brother’s death is partially due to the fault of Shen’s ex-girlfriend Chu. Chu is a medical school graduate, and after Shen’s death, she is accidentally assigned to Chen as intern by Chen’s boss. Chen and Chu, reluctant to work with each other, yet become perfect partners, and manage to solve a few high-profile cases. Eventually, Chu falls in love with Chen, but she also starts to realize that her ex-boyfriend Shen may still be alive, and he might just be Chen.

Miss Unlovable

Format: 28 episodes * 40min

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Cast: Timmy Xu 许魏洲 (Addicted & Heroin), Bridgette Qiao 乔欣 (Ode To Joy)

At 17 years old, Ting was mistaken by a pregnant lady as her husband’s mistress. Furious, the pregnant lady cursed Ting so that the young girl would never find true love in life. The curse becomes real; in the next 10 years, Ting has failed 30 relationships, which all end with her being dumped. Ironically, as soon as Ting’s ex-boyfriends break up with her, they all find their respective true loves. Frustrated, Ting joins the Relationship Support Group, where she meets another member, the handsome Tsin. Tsin, not believing in the curse, asks Ting to date his best friend, with whom Ting breaks up eventually. However, shortly after the breakup, Tsin’s friend finds his true love and gets married. Desperate to find true love himself, Tsin asks Ting out on a date…

The Longest Day in Chang’an

48 episodes * 45 min
Genre: Kung-Fu, Crime, Costume

Release Date: Q2, 2019

The longest day in Chang’an, featuring A-list Asian and international actors, is China’s biggest production in 2018. Adapted from a local bestseller, the 60-episode series recounts a multi-layered story happening within only 24 hours. In A.D. 744, a group of mysterious Turks infiltrated among trade caravans plan to launch a fire attack at Chang’an, the ancient capital of imperial China. Lee (Jackson Yee), the head of Chang’an’s anti-terror department realizes that he is only left with 24 hours to protect the capital from being devoured by fire. And his only hope lies in teaming up with Zhang (Lei Jiayin), who is a notorious death row prisoner but also a former constable. With Zhang’s great familiarity with the city’s alleyways and habits of the Turks, Lee prevents a cascade of disasters from happening, yet until a point when Lee realizes he is actually dragged into a bigger whirlpool of conspiracy.

Bloody Romance

Format: 36 episodes * 45 min
Genre: Romance, Costume, Action

Cast: Li Yitong 李一桐 (Demon Girl), Qu Chuxiao 屈楚萧 (Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace)
The show tells the story of a young woman Tsu who was once sold to a brothel and brutally exploited. The story is set at the chaotic period of late Tang Dynasty. Tsu went through hardships in life and bounced back becoming a female assassin. One day she accidentally enters a mysterious city and is given the name May. Tasked with dangerous missions, she puts herself in danger for each assassination but gains the protection of Ang who is a man mysterious as a shadow. The two fall in love but are also dragged in a greater conspiracy involving a deadly struggle for power.

Die Now

20 episodes * 30 min
Genre: Sci-Fi, Suspense

“Die Now” is a virtual game organization, more powerful and wealthy than your imagination. Xia Chi, a member of a mystery club, experiences all kinds of tasks in Die Now with his partner, Meng Qin in order to rescue his girlfriend, Qing Zhi. Eventually, Xia Chi finds out the truth that Die Now is created to destroy nowadays civilization on Earth to keep the balance between Earth and another planet in the parallel universe. And how will Xia Chi and Meng Qin choose their next steps?

Dear Prince

18 episodes * 45 min
Genre: Young, Romantic, Comedy

Jiang Hao, is a young and excellent actor, who has conquered the show business. Zhou Yiran, used to work as his assistant surprisingly becomes a popular idol. One day, Jiang virtually disappeared and lost his memory. Sun Taotao is the only one who can see him… Jiang believes it is Zhou that arranges his “death”. Although he wants Sun to help him, Sun refused because she’s a big fan of Zhou. To meet her idol in person, Sun attends the competition to act in Zhou’s MV. Jiang Hao seizes the opportunity and possesses the body of Sun Taotao, making her perform well and stand out of the competition. From then on, the relationship among these three becomes really complicated. When Zhou finally shows his love to Sun, Sun finds it hard to live without the “ghost”, Jiang, who has become her untouchable lover.

My Little Princess

16 episodes * 40 min
Genre: Young, Romantic, Comedy

The Si Ye Art Institute is an elite art high school for the children of wealthy families. Jiang Nianyu is one of the most popular boys at the school, but he is cold and emotionally distant after the death of his sister. Lin Xingchen is the heiress of Dolly Group who faces the pressure to marry well for the benefit of her family. Her target? The suave and wealthy Zheng Chuyao. But Xingchen is annoyed when Chuyao only seems to be interested in a poor student, Yu Yangyang, who is admitted to the prestigious school because her father once saved the principa’s life. While Xingchen endeavors to get Chuyao’s attention, she realizes little by little that the true love for her has always been right next to her.

Face Switcher

45 min * 53 episodes
Genre: Fantasy, Costume Drama

One’s facial feature, whether attractive or ugly, is decided by genes. But what if there is an ancient and esoteric school of witches, who are capable of changing your appearance by granting you a new face? Even the most unattractive ladies can therefore disguise behind the magically “painted” pretty faces, and usually with their lives changed. Our protagonist Yan is a young disciple of this school. By changing people’s faces, Yan does not only bring happiness to their lives. As for many, the new attractive face a nothing but a pretty curse, and in the meantime Yan’s own life is often turned upside down.

Medical Examiner Dr. Qin

Format: 35 min * 20 episodes
Genre: Detective, Crime

After achieving 1.5 billion views for its first season, Medical Examiner Qin returns this spring with only bolder plots and edgier scenes. A pioneer in the genre in Chinese production, the series dramatizes the unique stories from Chinese forensic expert Dr. Qin Ming’s best seller, “The Scavenger.” In Season 2, the eccentric Dr. Qin and his team continue solving complex cases with quirky yet ingenious expertise, not knowing that they are being watched by a serial killer from the dark. At all crime scenes, the criminal leaves no trace behind but a bloody signature “The Scavenger”. Relentless and arrogant, the Scavenger outwits many investigators and detectives, and plans carefully his way against his ultimate opponent, Dr. Qin himself.Medical Examiner Dr. Qin

I Cannot Hug You

Season 1: 30 min * 16 episodes
Season 2: 30 min * 16 episodes
Genre: Vampire, Comedy, Romance

Adapted from a Korean web-toon, the show is a romance comedy centering around the protagonist Li, a modern day female vampire deriving her energy by touching people. Li is apathetic towards everything in life until a handsome young man showed up as her next-door neighbor. Her world changes as she feels the desperate need to get close to him, who happens to be germaphobe and misogynist. Will she finally be able to hug him?