Your Secret

Fomat: 37 episodes * 45 min

Cast: Bosco Wong ( 黄宗泽 ) , Ye Qing ( 叶青 )

Genre: Crime, Romance

Release Date: Q2, 2019

Chen is a well-known medical examiner, capable of discerning the smallest details that help in investigating a crime. Chen had a twin brother Shen, claimed to be dead for many years. Chen still believes that his brother’s death is partially due to the fault of Shen’s ex-girlfriend Chu. Chu is a medical school graduate, and after Shen’s death, she is accidentally assigned to Chen as intern by Chen’s boss. Chen and Chu, reluctant to work with each other, yet become perfect partners, and manage to solve a few high-profile cases. Eventually, Chu falls in love with Chen, but she also starts to realize that her ex-boyfriend Shen may still be alive, and he might just be Chen.