The Longest Day in Chang’an

48 episodes * 45 min
Genre: Kung-Fu, Crime, Costume

Release Date: Q2, 2019

The longest day in Chang’an, featuring A-list Asian and international actors, is China’s biggest production in 2018. Adapted from a local bestseller, the 60-episode series recounts a multi-layered story happening within only 24 hours. In A.D. 744, a group of mysterious Turks infiltrated among trade caravans plan to launch a fire attack at Chang’an, the ancient capital of imperial China. Lee (Jackson Yee), the head of Chang’an’s anti-terror department realizes that he is only left with 24 hours to protect the capital from being devoured by fire. And his only hope lies in teaming up with Zhang (Lei Jiayin), who is a notorious death row prisoner but also a former constable. With Zhang’s great familiarity with the city’s alleyways and habits of the Turks, Lee prevents a cascade of disasters from happening, yet until a point when Lee realizes he is actually dragged into a bigger whirlpool of conspiracy.